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N A C H W E I H N A C H T S P E N S U M 10. - 31.  März 2018 in Brilon, Alte Werkstatt

Bats, 2015 (christmastrees, aluinium, size variable) & Angles by Wilhelmine Köchling, 2017 (15x7x7cm, yarns)
Crochet stars by Wilhelmine Köchlin, 2017 (sizes variable, yarns)
Chicken by Wilhelmie Köchling, 2017 (10x5x3cm,yarns)
Nougat I - V, 2017 (wood, ashes, acrylic binder, sizes variable)
Drawing, 2014 (150x200cm, graphit) & Backpack I - V, 2017 (iron,textile, wood, sizes variable)
Vacuum cleaner, 2015 (videolop 0:59min)
Knittinghose, since 2013 (wool, 70x2800cm)
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